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Charlie Pascoe

I’ve grown up on the beautiful Isle of Portland, where I’ve developed a deep love of nature and the ever-changing faces of the sea and skies. As a young child I was really interested in sport, however, by the age of 10 my health deteriorated leading me to be diagnosed with a rare genetic illness. A connective tissue disorder called Elhers Danlos syndrome, which causes; easily dislocated joints, chronic pain, fatigue and other complications with various organs throughout my body. Sport became challenging and I began spending more time at home, where I developed an interest in art.

After experimenting with different art styles and mediums I explored illustrating the sea in my own unique style. I want my artwork to be; bold, uplifting and vibrant. So upon discovering acrylic inks, I was excited to find a paint that could be applied like a watercolour whilst having the impact of acrylics. My inspiration for the use of black outlining and patterns came from my love of 70s psychedelic album covers and admiration for stained glass artwork.

As I refined my style, interest in my work grew. I began selling originals, prints, and cards in cafes, galleries and social media. I won local and national young artist completions and was commissioned to create a piece for a major international youth event. This has widened my exposure leading to increased sales across the globe and building a social media presence with thousands of followers. Now at 16 I see art as my future with the hope of learning and growing to further establish myself as a recognisable artist. I want my art to bring others joy, beauty and a connection with nature through my eyes